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The official reference publication that describes these requirements is the correspondence manual secnav manual m5216. It should be available along with this memorandum, or you can find it online. This manual implements policy set forth in secretary of the navy instruction 5216. Secnav manuals all documents secretary of the navy navy. They contain detailed information and howtos for procedures important to soldiers serving in the field. Correspondence manual active, most current details. Ecms and other senior personnel, technical references, instructions, etc.

Routing and approving of official correspondence a secnav manual m5216. Records management preparing and managing correspondence army regulation 2550 effective 17 june 20 h i s t o r y. Sep 28, 2016 the official reference publication that describes these requirements is the correspondence manual secnav manual m5216. This manual implements the policy set forth in secretary of the navy instruction. Within the navy, letters are prepared in accordance with procedures outlined in the department of the navy correspondence manual, secnavinst 5216. Cno and cmc will administer the correspondence management program within the navy and marine corps, respectively. Marine corps publications electronic library mcpel list of all marine corps publications, orders, and directives. Commanding officerleader, united states navy band subj. Correspondence being forwarded to the office of the secretary of defense osd, the joint staff, and combatant commanders will follow reference b. Procedures for preparation and handling of official correspondence b c d f 1 secnav m5216. Besides letters, correspondence includes memorandums and endorsements as well as messages that are transmitted by electronic means. All correspondence routed to the front office must be entered into ekm, unless the. Each correspondence package will be forwarded under an opnav routing sheet.

This manual is issued to prescribe uniform standards for the management and preparation of correspondence and is applicable to all commands and activities of the department of the navy. Chapter 1 navy official mail management program the goal of many of the official mail programs is to lower the cost associated with mail preparation, postage, and delivery. To identify those personnel who have the authorization to sign by direction on official correspondence. T h i s p u b l i c a t i o n i s a n a d m i n i s t r a t i v e r e v i s i o n. In developing this manual, the qat also considered the need to adopt department of transportation correspondence standards. The new manual takes into consideration a variety of factors, including organizational readiness, technological changes, and budget reductionsstreamlining. Manage the navys correspondence program and coordinate proposed changes to this manual. T h e p o r t i o n s affected by this administrative revision are listed in the summary of change. Naval writing skillsreference publications secnavinst 5216. Command official mail training manual navedtra 14198b. This information is taken from the naval correspondence manual, reference a. Download the free adobe acrobat reader for pc or macintosh.

Practical experience, schools, selected reading, and your desire to succeed are also necessary to successfully round out a fully meaningful training program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. B020069xq military correspondence 7 basic officer course types of correspondence continued business letter use the business letter to correspond with agencies, businesses, or individuals outside the dod, who are unfamiliar with the standard letter. Certain billets are authorized to sign by direction for routine official naval. Communications and information preparing official communications compliance with this publication is mandatory. Navy subject matter experts update navy correspondence manual. It conforms to the standards for department of the navy. Affix the route sheet to the outside cover of the correspondencemessage routing folder. This information is taken from the naval correspondence manual. If microsoft word or other word processing application attempts to automatically make an outline for you, use the ctrlz function. Guide to writing, the junior officer is more likely to use as a template a. Fleet logistics center jacksonville mail orderly training fleet logistics center jacksonville designation of unit mail clerks and mail orderlies cont commanders or designated representatives department heads, division officers or official mail managers shall designate unit mail clerks, or mail orderlies.

Left side right side left side items not part of the official package copy of tasker drafts tab c tab b tab a. The majority of official documents created and handled on a daily basis is the standard naval letter. The last revision of the navy s correspondence manual was released in 2010. Subordinates may use it to correspond directly with each other on routine official business. All unclassified and classified naval correspondence will follow guidelines set forth in reference a. This manual replaces secnav manual m5210, department of the navy, navy records. All data shown here is in the proper format, including. The secretary of the navy secnav will administer the don correspondence managementprogram and coordinate proposed changes to this manual with the chief of naval operations cno and the commandant of the marine corps cmc. Postal service usps standards and navy policies pertaining to official mail.

You can open this document, save it, and type over it to ensure you follow correspondence manual reference a guidelines. Mar 09, 2012 naval writing skillsreference publications secnavinst 5216. United states navy band personnel who hold the titles listed below have been. International mail manual iv april 6, 2020 123 customs forms and online shipping labels. Establish a correspondence management program and ensure.

The most recent guidance is reflected at this link and will differ from the pdf below. Authority to sign correspondence by direction of the commanding officer, united states navy band ref. It may also be used for official correspondence between individuals within the. The use of ssics provides a tested method for filing documents consistently and quickly. Remember, however, this selfstudy course is only one part of the total navy training program.

This manual implements air force policy directive afpd 333, information management, and states the procedures for preparing communications in bot h manual and automated environments. The records management manual describes specific don records and provides disposition schedules for them. You need adobe acrobat reader version 7 or higher to view this file. The coast guard correspondence manual, comdtinst m5216. Gunners mate roadmaps are just what the name implies a roadmap through the enlisted learning and development continuum from seaman recruit through master chief. As of 27 july 2007, some 542 field manuals were in use. This chapter will provide a brief overview of costsaving measures, the.

Correspondence manual to meet the needs of todays coast guard. Use enclosure 1 if you need more example data it is located on both the wardroom and cpo lan drives. The secretary of the navy united states marine corps. This manual is to be used in conjunction with secnav manual m5210. Developing a naval correspondence document generator. United states army field manuals are published by the united states armys army publishing directorate. The manual includes procedures for email, faxes, memorandums, and business letters. This manual describes knowledge, uniform, health, and fitness information necessary for every cadet. Department of the navy correspondence manual course. This publication applies to individuals at all le vels who prepare official air for ce af communicati ons, including air. The information will also be used to process course completion letters and to construct and maintain an official and continuing manual andor automated record of. The texts for this course, department of the navy correspondence manual, secnavinst. According to byard, the updated navy correspondence manual will be available to the fleet in late may 2015. A commanding officer may delegate signature authority to military and civilian subordinates and may authorize those subordinates to delegate this authority further.

Local supplement to the department of the navy correspondence. This memo illustrates proper format for navy memoranda. Introducing professional writing skills to future naval officers dtic. In order to determine which items should receive an. Secretary execsec of the department of defense as well as osd and dod component correspondence. The ssic you choose should be the one that best suits the subject of your letter. The last revision of the navys correspondence manual was released in 2010. This selfstudy course is organized into subject matter areas. Chief of naval operations office of the director, navy. The principal focus is to standardize a program navy wide by featuring the existing skills necessary to be successful in the navy. Implementing instructions will be issued by the dod components. Department of navy general equipment accountability and management procedures manual.

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