If then logical equivalence pdf

Table 7 logical equivalences involving conditional statements. This is a theorem in the book but it is not proved, so we. Pdf mathematical logic and logical equivalence implementation. Start studying logical equivalences involving conditional statements. To understand why this table is the way it is, consider the following example. Predicates can be obtained by removing some or all nouns from a statement. The term logical equivalence law is new to us, but in fact, we already. The truth or falsity of a statement built with these connective depends on the truth or falsity of its components. The statement p is called the hypothesis of the implication, and. Logical equivalence is different from material equivalence.

Two possibly compound logical propositions are logically equivalent if they. Rule statement equivalent statement 1 if p then q not p or q 2 if p then q q or not p 3 if p then q if not q then not p examples statement equivalent statement a if it is blue, then it is the sky. Lets now demonstrate this equivalency a different way by using the established laws of equivalence. Conditional and biconditional logical equivalencies rot5. In logic, predicates can be obtained by removing some or all of the nouns from a statement.

Conditional propositions and logical equivalence section 1. Propositional logic, truth tables, and predicate logic. A statement in sentential logic is built from simple statements using the logical connectives. If p, then q is called an implication or a conditional.

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