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Last september, sara joy madsen started drinking 16 ounces of fresh, pure celery juice every morning and it changed my life, the 39yearold life coach tells the post. Originator of the global celery juice movement, medical medium. Unfortunately, this may inaccurately appear as a celery allergy on the igg. Having had two bouts of mono as a teenager and numerous mystery illnesses since then, i have been on a quest for information for the past 35 years regarding health and illness. Its impressive how anthony has created this movement and restored superior health in countless people around the world. My favorite juicer for celery juice is the mm900hds omega low speed masticating celery juicer specially designed to extract as much juice as possible from celery more than any other device. Medical medium celery juice movement recipe included. Experts are rolling their eyes at the celery juice diet craze. Learn more about how to do this in my books medical medium and lifechanging foods. Since the release of anthonys four bestselling books, medical medium.

These can be found in the book medical medium by anthony william. Medical medium thyroid healing available now recent thyroid healing posts. You can also find out more about how celery juice can help you heal from hundreds of illnesses and symptoms in the ny times bestselling book. Common misconceptions and what to avoid, you can develop an allergy to the toxic byproduct. You can choose to do the cleanse for one to three months or much longer if you wish. Anthony, the originator of the global celery juice movement, has said for years that celery juice is an unparalleled healing weaponsurpassing any superfood. Anthonys understanding of foods, their vibrations, and how they interact with the body never ceases to amaze. I wrote this book so youd have the truth in your hands now and. How medical medium anthony williams top 5 foods to change. Immerse yourself in all the medical medium information from my books, website, facebook and instagram.

The truth about celery juice from a dietitian chatelaine. William also tells us that celery juice is medicinal and that it clears the body of heavy metals and toxins. You can heal by following the advice in liver rescue. And by eating lots and lots of fresh fruit and leafy greens. The answer is the beloved healing authority anthony william, his new york times bestselling books, and his multimillionmember medical medium community. Learn more about how to do this in my books medical medium and. The medical medium 28 day cleanse that i share in my book, medical medium, is a wonderful way to jumpstart your healing and fight asthma, too. Mysterious skin rashing many varieties of mysterious skin rashing is from the shingles virus. Drinking celery juice daily for an extended period of time can do. You can heal by drinking pure celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. Puffiness can also occur due to viral related allergic reaction. Allergies, monthly headaches during your menstrual cycle, asthma, eczema. If someone has a wheat allergy or celiac disease, what they really need to do is start addressing the pathogens in their body by removing the foods that feed pathogens and bringing in antiviral and antibacterial foods and supplements. Unfortunately, this may inaccurately appear as a celery allergy on the igg test.

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