Bates motel season finale 2016

Romero finds norman and norma unconscious season finale. Norma and norman each suspect the other of a terrible deed. Whether or not norma is still alive remains a mystery. Norman is the season finale of the fourth season of bates motel. The fourth season of bates motel premiered on march 7, 2016, and concluded on may 16, 2016. If youve already seen the promo for the episode entitled norman, you probably know it doesnt reveal much in the way of important facts. Key signers include freddie highmore as norman bates and vera farmiga as norma bates, among others.

With vera farmiga, freddie highmore, max thieriot, olivia cooke. As norman plans a special event for norma, romero faces pressure from all sides over his actions. In season 4, episode 10, the finale reveals norma bates fate and whats next for norman in season 5. I wasnt very thrilled with bates motels season 1 finale and the murder of blair watson. Watch videos of the cast at san diego comiccon 2016. The series itself is described as a contemporary prequel to the 1960 film psycho and follows the life of norman bates and his mother norma in the fictional town of white pine bay, oregon prior to the events.

A reaction to the bates motel season finale warning. Freddie highmore talks about the final season november 10, 2016. Despite knowing what the future held for norma, seeing it come alive on bates motel season 4 episode 10 wasnt nearly as entertaining as i. So, though not my alltime favorite season of bates motel that would still have to be. Norma bates has really died and her death appears to others as a suicide though it is. The final season posters look a little familiar january 23, 2017. Featured, television no comments we give a standing ovation to nestor carbonell and freddie highmore for their performance on last nights bates motel season 4 finale. In an excellently creepy and emotional season finale, bates motel handed us an episode that could also act as a series ender. Dylan considers reaching out to norman but wants nothing to do with norma. Romero mike vogel faces pressure due to his actions. Its not, but the way we left things the whole perverse, delusional. In the fourth season finale, we finally got somewhere, in terms of the series lining up with the original hitchcock film in a big way, and in true bates motel fashion, it managed to be both. The premiere of the series took place on 18 march 20. Tune in for the final episode of bates motel on monday at 109c.

Romero makes a choice that dramatically impacts the bates family. Bates motel fans are still trying to process that creepy, heartbreaking, and scary season 4 finale, but with season 5 so far in the future, theres nothing to do but wonder how the show will go on without one of the most important characters. Should norma fail to spring back to life, then bates motel would essentially be embracing its tragic psycho roots with an entire season still in front of it. A contemporary prequel to psycho, giving a portrayal of how norman bates psyche unravels through his teenage years, and how deeply intricate his relationship with his mother, norma, truly is. Bates motel will end after five seasons, producers announced at san diego comiccon on friday. The season premiere, a danger to himself and others, picks up right where season three ended. Bates motel season 4 cast season 4 of bates motel premieres with an even darker norman if you can imagine that. Created by anthony cipriano, carlton cuse, kerry ehrin. In that finale, sheriff alex romero nestor carbonell shot bob paris kevin rahm and norman.

Is norma bates vera farmiga alive or dead was norman freddie highmore dreaming, hallucinating what really happened. A key component for many collectors, 2016 breygent bates motel season 2 also includes autographs, prop relics and costume relics for the top names in the show and various guest stars. Michael ausiello talks bates motel final season with the cast and producers in the tvline comiccon studio presented by zte. This story contains spoilers from mondays season finale of bates motel, norman. Norman has a murderous tendency since he was carried out. To say that i had trepidations about bates motel when it. The series is about norma louise bates, who along with her son norman, after her husband is death, moves to california, where i buy a house near the motel. Bates motels bold, ghoulish season finale shows death is not the end by allison keene may 17, 2016. With vera farmiga, freddie highmore, max thieriot, nicola peltz. On tonights episode, the relationship between norman freddie highmore and norma vera farmiga faces its toughest test. A cold dose of reality didnt sit well with norman, so. Check out this promo for the may 16th season finale. The fifth and final season of bates motel premiered on february 20, 2017, and concluded on.

Get exclusive videos, pictures, bios and check out more of your favorite moments from seasons past. Sweet norman is almost completely lost and a desperate norma is pulling at. Video video related to is norma bates dead on bates motel finale. The season finale of bates motel answers a huge lingering question is norma bates dead check out my analysis and breakdown of the finale and see for you. Bates motel goodnight, mother tv episode 2016 imdb. Bates motel has certainly had its ups and downs over the years, particularly when it tried to expand its drug subplot or the machinations of the evil, rich folks of white pine bay. Seeking a fresh start after her husbands tragic death, norma bates buys a motel on the outskirts of an idyllic coastal town. Bates motel is left with two deeply damaged men, norman freddie highmore and sheriff alex romero nestor carbonell, who lost the love of. The bates motel season 4 finale episode did not disappoint, but it did leave us with bates motel season 5 spoilers questions. In a tv landscape full of fakeouts, bates motel makes the bold choice the reveal dead is. Bates motel is left with two deeply damaged men, norman freddie highmore and sheriff alex romero nestor carbonell, who lost the love of his life.

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